Why LeBron Will Never Bring A Championship to Cleveland

Not this year, not next year, not ever. The Cavs will be so close year after year, but they will never be able to fully get the job done. In NBA history most championship teams have three things: team chemistry, good front office and a star. I believe I make a valid argument when I say Cleveland only has one of those.

To win a championship you need way more than just stars, you need contribution from your 6th, 7th and 8th men and that is what the Cavs are not getting. Cleveland has only been getting contribution from six guys, rather than Golden State’s nine. That is a huge difference, showing how Golden State has been built to win championships. Also, last night the Cavs had only 15 assists on 45 field goals, meaning that on average, only one out of their three baskets was assisted on, no team chemistry there. All iso basketball, not team basketball. Also, the Cavs’ stars happened to make the shots last night that they’ve been missing all series. Stars win games, but you need a team for a championship.

Although the Cavs walked alway with a win last night, all I could see is the dark future the Cavs have ahead. The fact that the Warriors were missing one of their best two-way players and prime defenders on the King, and Kyrie and LeBron shot the lights out, yet it was a relatively close game. To the people that say Kevin Love is awful and useless, I couldn’t disagree with you more, it was just a very poor management decision that will cost LeBron his legacy and some hardware. Whoever is running the show in the front office, whether it’s LeBron, David Griffin (Cavs GM) or the magic 8 ball, their doing a terrible job. Cleveland was absolutely blessed with LeBron and the number one pick in the same offseason. Wiggins was the obvious choice at 1, and if you really thought it through, he fits the team. For the most part, he doesn’t need plays run for him, he can create for himself in transition and other ways. Whether you like it or not, Kevin Love needs post touches. Realistically, how can you have two people down low and still have room for Irving and James to penetrate? One answer, you can’t. So, Love gets the boot to the corner and becomes a spot up shooter. And, the Cavs do not have that much money to spend in free agency, because they decided to max out Tristian Thompson…yes, Tristian Thompson is earning 15 million a year. These are not the pieces to a TEAM created to win championships.

Call me crazy, but I’m going to use my own magic 8 ball and predict that in 4 years–in the last year of Kyrie’s contract and LeBron’s final hurrah– the Cavs will get knocked off by the young and upcoming Timberwolves in the NBA Finals. And, none other than first team forward Andrew Wiggins will steal the MVP trophy…from LeBron. Imagine, one of the many missing pieces coming back to haunt the Cavs.

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