Top 10 high school seniors to watch out for next year (in order)

1. Josh Jackson
Jackson is the most athletic high school player I have seen seen since Andrew Wiggins came out of Huntington Prep in 2013. But, the aspect that puts Jackson over the top is his defense. He leaves it all on the floor and he is easily the best defender in this high school class which also makes him the my top overall prospect in this class.

ESPNU100 rank: 3
247sports rank: 1

2. Dennis Smith Jr.
I love every single part of Smith’s game, the handles, the posterizing dunks and everything else he does on the floor. When you are reading this you are probably waiting for a huge but, not here, Smith reminds me of NBA star Russell Westbrook, they both entertain the crowd, but control their teams at the same time.

ESPNU100 rank: 4
247sports rank: 6

3. Malik Monk
Monk is the best pure scorer in the class and he does it from all three levels, inside the paint, mid range, and from deep. Wherever Monk is playing after Kentucky, he will be a major asset because of his scoring ability.

ESPNU100 rank: 5
247sports rank: 5

4. Bam Adebayo
Bam often gets over shadowed by Jayson Tatum and Harry Giles, but in my opinion, Bam is the best big man in this class. Adebayo’s motor, rebounding ability, and pure frame can’t help but remind you of Dwight Howard, on the Magic–of course.

ESPNU100 rank: 6
247sports rank: 16

5. Jayson Tatum
Tatum has been getting national attention since he started his high school career, and his game speaks for itself. Tatum is a true point forward, he can handle the ball and bang down low, Tatum’s skill set also allows him to step all the way out to the three point line. Coach K is certainly getting a special one next year.

ESPNU100 rank: 2
247sports rank: 10

6. Lonzo Ball
Ball is the best passer the high school game has seen in years and I have no doubt it will translate to UCLA next year. He also has good size for a point guard standing at 6’6".

ESPNU100 rank: 11
247sports rank: 4

7. Harry Giles
Giles has been pegged as the top prospect in the 2016 class ever since he was a sophomore, therefore there are very high expectations. Giles was supposed have a big year at Oak Hill Academy this season to prepare him for Durham next year, but a torn ACL in the same knee he tore it in two years ago, could be more than a minor setback for Giles. There is no doubt the talent is there, but bad knees are not a good thing.

ESPNU100 rank: 1
247sports rank: 3

8. Markelle Fultz
Fultz is just a jack of all trades– he scores, rebounds and sets up teammates for easy buckets. He also has the work ethic to make it, just two years ago Fultz was a JV player, now he’s a nationally ranked superstar.

ESPNU100 rank: 12
247sports rank: 7

9. Miles Bridges
Not many people are having a better senior season than Bridges, due to the lack of size on his Huntington Prep team,he often plays center. Although he stands at 6’7" he is still averaging well over double digits in points and rebounds, showing he can play with anyone at any position.

ESPNU100 rank: 8
247sports rank: 8

10. Rawle Alkins
Last but not least, the tough, gritty, slashing Brooklyn street baller, Rawle Alkins. Growing up in New York City watching all the high school kids playing at the park, I would’ve looked up to Alkins. He plays with passion and leaves it all on the floor on both sides of the ball.

ESPNU100 rank: 15
247sports: 17

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Point guard Curtis Jones controls the Huntington Prep offense.

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