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Scouting Philosophy: Playoff Pillars

This is different from anything I’ve ever written before. No clips, no prospect names, just philosophy. I think about basketball for more hours of the day than I’m proud to admit, and these are the thoughts that frequently roam inside my head. Throughout the past...

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LaMelo Ball Is Just Different

LaMelo Ball isn’t like most 18 year-olds. In his budding -- yet eventful -- career, he has played in three continents, promoted his own signature shoe and starred in his family’s reality TV show. That’s different. The phrase -- “that’s different” or “you’re different”...

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NBA Draft Mailbag 1.0

The 2020 NBA Draft is 126 days away. That feels like an eternity. Even though I have a roulette wheel of takes constantly spinning in my head, I still need to get creative in terms of content to get us through the times. My twitter mentions aren’t always the most...

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Draft Journal Vol. 4

While most people are binging Netflix and HBOGo during quarantine, I find myself watching the Spanish second division. It might sound ridiculous, or even torturous to some, but it's been a great way to stay productive during these times. I still enjoy late-nights on...

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Draft Journal Vol. 3

With college basketball officially cancelled for the rest of the season, I took the time to catch up on some games that I missed throughout the year. Like everyone else, I have a ton of time on my hands. Tasking myself with “work” not only helps the hours go by, but...

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Draft Journal Vol. 2

We’re a few weeks into conference play, some prospects have proven their worth while others continue to leave evaluators scratching their heads. I felt like I had a lot to catch up on while writing volume two, so I’m hoping to get these out more frequently as the...

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MADE Hoops: Names To Watch

Back when I was in eighth grade, I had the opportunity to play in MADE Hoops events with my AAU team. It was an unbelievable experience, we got to bond over the trip and compete against the best of the best. Today, I went back to my roots and took in some action, from...

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Draft Journal Vol. 1

Michigan State's Aaron Henry (The Only Colors) Welcome to the first volume of my Draft Journal. Every two weeks (or so) I’m going to publish a new installment. Over the course of the year I take a ton of notes, I wanted to create a column that is timely and...

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