Melo Trimble is Maryland’s Hometown Hero

Romelo Trimble, a four star point guard (according to 247sports) was just supposed to bring stability to a struggling Maryland team and a coach on the hot seat, it has become way more than that.

I first realized that Trimble was a special player when he dropped 31 points against Arizona state, in just his fourth game as a college player. The best part of his performance that night was that he was able to score 31 points on just 11 shots. He continued to impress everyone throughout the rest of his freshman campaign, including NBA scouts. Maryland fans prayed that Trimble would return to College Park, inevitably Trimble released a statement saying he would return to Maryland for his sophomore season.

When Trimble said he was returning to Maryland, I knew it was more than just putting on a show for the fans, or the NBA scouts, but giving back to the people that got him to where he is. Trimble is extremely humble and is willing to talk to fans at any moment, as you can see at the top of the article. I ran into Trimble in his dorm and he was more than happy to take a picture. I also know many people who have seen Trimble visiting his former high school (Bishop O’Connell) to say hello to his former coaches and trainers. Trimble was your typical star High School basketball player in Maryland. He played for a Catholic prep school, he played in the WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference) and he played with AAU powerhouse D.C. Assault (now D.C. Premier). Except most of those players went to other prestigious programs like Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, etc. But Coach Mark Turgeon was able snag a gem in Trimble and it saved his job. No wonder Trimble wanted to come back to College Park, he is so beloved in the DMV area and everywhere he goes, people are constantly asking for pictures and praising him. Sometimes I wonder who is more liked in the state of Maryland, Alex Ovechkin or Melo Trimble.

So far Trimble has been sensational for the Terrapins, but Trimble along with Rasheed Sulaimon and Robert Carter cannot do everything if Maryland wants to make a run in the post season. The game against North Carolina is a perfect example, those three kept it close for Maryland but couldn’t seal the deal by themselves.

If I was Mark Turgeon this is what I would be working on in practice:

Setting up quick-hitter plays for Jake Layman: Jake Layman has had a tough time attacking the basket and creating his own shot against high level opponents, and there’s no better way to get a shooter in a rhythm than draining a three pointer off a play designed strictly for them. With Big Ten play approaching, the Terps cannot afford to lose Layman on offense to a shooting slump.

A zone defense: A 2-3 really fits the Terrapins rotation and I think it would be a huge help to their constant problem of giving up wide open dunks and layups. Their guards Trimble, Sulaimon, and Jared Nickens all can play the top two spots in the zone and their forwards, Layman and Carter, fit really nicely in the corner spot with their length to close out three point shooters and play good help defense. Mark Turgeon also has three Giants in Michal Cekovsky, Diamond Stone and Damonte Dodd that are all more than capable of playing the middle man. The zone would really benefit Freshman Diamond Stone who has a little trouble staying at home on defense.

A pick and pop set for Melo Trimble and Robert Carter: We all know Carter and Trimble are both big offensive threats in their own ways, so why not play to both of their strengths? Carter is a matchup nightmare because of his ability to stretch the floor with his three point shot and put the ball on the floor and post up. Trimble is a matchup nightmare because of his ability to get to the basket and pull up for a jump shot from anywhere at any time. So, why not have Carter set a pick for Trimble then pop to the three point line, either Trimble will get an open shot, maybe a layup, or Carter will get an open three or a mismatch off of a switch? Also, if you stick Rasheed Sulaimon on the wing where Trimble is driving, he can kick it out to an absolute deadeye shooter when the defense collapses on him–that would always keep the help defense second guessing on who to cover.

This year’s Maryland team is like a chocolate soufflé, when everything goes correctly there’s arguably nothing better on the menu. But, when any of the components are off, it’s a complete disaster.

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