Harry Giles: A major piece to Duke’s all star team next year

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Harry Giles, give it time, within six months this man will be a house hold name. Giles just finished number one in ESPN’s final rankings for the class of 2016, which is said to be the most talented class since 2007 (James Harden, Kevin Love, Derrick Rose and Blake Griffin).

Giles, unfortunately was unable to showcase his skills this past year due to an ACL injury, but there was no doubt he was in for a big year at the highly touted Oak Hill Academy, the former home to Carmelo Anthony, Jerry Stackhouse, Rajon Rondo and many other superstars. Even without on-court time for most of this season, Giles was still getting better at The Hill. When I saw him at the Jordan Brand Classic practices, he would be knocking down deep three’s during water breaks.

If Giles can consistently knock down that jumper, he could be one of the best players to ever pass through Duke. In my opinion, Giles is the best NBA prospect in this class, just because he can do it all. He can shoot, post up, protect the rim, and run the floor, all within a 6’11” frame.

Everyone knows a successful team needs two things, talent and chemistry. The Duke dynamic duo of Jayson Tatum (ESPN #3 in the country) and Giles will have both. These two players have gone head to head on every team they’ve ever played on (except Team USA) as the number one and two prospects in the country for basically all of high school. Yet, Giles described their relationship to me as “Best friends, that’s the only way you can describe it, best friends.” And, Tatum previously told me that he and Giles had always hoped they would end up at college playing together. Duke is already pegged as the favorite to win next year’s national championship, but when this freshman duo goes to work, they could change college basketball forever. I know it’s crazy, but I think there’s a chance the Blue Devils could go undefeated.

The big man has been the real deal for a long time. According to 247, Coach K and the Blue Devils offered Giles in March of his Freshman year at Wesleyan (prior to leaving for Oak Hill for his senior season) following a state championship. He also led Team CP3 to a very successful EYBL season last year, averaging 18.2 points per game (9th in EYBL) and he led the EYBL in rebounds per game with 11.2.

The bottom line is that Giles will look to continue his very successful basketball career at the prestigious Duke University. My prediction is that Giles, surrounded by his extremely talented teammates, led by the legendary Coach K, will take home the trophy in Phoenix.

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