For some unsigned seniors late in the year, the word “Under-recruited” can be tossed around pretty carelessly. Whether it’s a coach trying to hype up his player, a father trying to publicize his son, or anyone else you’ve seen use that word. Most of the time, it’s false. Most of the time, the player has gotten the proper looks from the proper level, but every once in awhile, there are serious cases of “Under-recruitment.” Gonzaga’s Anwar Gill, is definitely one of those cases.

Gill is a 6’4” combo guard that brings a ton to the game. I’ve tweeted multiple times about his ability to slash through the lane and finish at and above the rim. He has an elite first step that allows him to blow past most of his primary defenders, and when the help comes, Gill alternates between power and finesse to finish. He can power through the defender for the and-one, or he can use a secondary move such as a spin or euro-step to avoid the defender and finish on the other side of the rim. Gill is very effective in transition as he knows how to get all the way to the rim, whether it’s a tough secondary move against St. John’s in the WCAC Championship or a high flying dunk against Paul VI, you don’t want to let him get space in the open floor. Gill also knows how to get to his spots and utilize his dribble pull up. Because of his elite size for a guard, he gets great lift on his jumper that allows him to elevate right over his defender. With all that being said, you still better close out with a hand up 20 feet out, because Gill will make you pay from deep if you don’t. He also brings a ton of intensity and effort to the defensive end, Gill is always up for a challenge on defense and doesn’t back down from anybody. He does a great job of staying in front of his man while playing on-ball defense, and has very quick hands that are eager to poke the ball out and start the break. The Gonzaga guard is also a very underrated facilitator, he makes the correct and simple read after drawing the defense and it usually results in a bucket.

He has produced on the biggest and brightest stages and has proven himself against the best of the best. This past summer, he averaged 11.2 points per game for DC Premier on the UAA (Under Armour Association). They went on to win the UAA Finals in Las Vegas, and Gill was an integral part of the championship run. Then, he carried that momentum into his high school season with Gonzaga College High School. He averaged 11 points per game for the Eagles, and had 19 points in the WCAC Championship game, which Gonzaga won. Two things are constant with Anwar Gill, winning and production. He is truly DC’s diamond in the rough.

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